Paella Kits butane/propane gas

Our kits are designed to be able to conveniently use the paella pans or asadores together with the indicated accessories to improve the outdoor cooking experience.
All parts are guaranteed to be compatible.

In the case of the paella pans: If the label does not peel off easily, remove it by slightly heating the bottom of the piece. This way, you will avoid damaging the appearance of the product before use. Boil water in the bowl. Wash with water and detergent and dry immediately (never allow to dry outdoors). The piece is ready for use. If you are not going to use the workpiece after performing this operation, spread the product inside and out with a little oil and keep it wrapped in paper, in a plastic bag. Store in a dry, sheltered place.

In the case of burners: Check that all conduits are working properly. Make sure that the gums are in good condition before use. It is advisable to look at the expiration date of the tires before using them.

Never put the empty container on the burner on the fire. Avoid overheating and control the intensity of the fire at all times. If you are going to use the paella in oven, do not exceed 250 º C (482 º F) or 10 minutes. Never use in the microwave. Stainless steel and wood utensils can be used. Plastics are not recommended, since in the use of this type of pieces usually reach higher temperatures than usual. During use, all parts of the product will be hot. Please protect yourself and never leave the container in the fire without supervision of an adult and responsible person. Keep away from children.

In the case of the paella: Food remains may be stuck. To remove them in a more comfortable way, leave the part with water and detergent inside for at least one hour; This reblandecerá the remains. Then wash it with water and detergent. If needed, use for cleaning hard scouring pads and scouring sand, never metal. Once clean, dry immediately (never let it dry outdoors). Keep it wrapped in paper, inside a plastic bag. Store in a dry, sheltered place.

In the case of burners: Once you have finished using your burner, clean it thoroughly with a damp cloth, with special emphasis on the holes. Do not immerse in water. Store with the key facing up to prevent grease buildup. If you notice that the gas comes out with less intensity than desired, it may be because the pipes are clogged. In this case, use compressed air on each of the gas nozzles to undo the blockage.

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Model Packing
KIT B-350 + P46 1
KIT B-350 + A42 1
KIT B-400 + PAP43 1
KIT B-400 + Patas 1
KIT B-400 + PAP43 1
KIT B-200 + Trebede 35 1
KIT B-250 + Trebede 40 1
KIT B-300 + Trebede 45 1

Industrial Range Burners

Industrial burner, for use with butane gas, propane and natural gas. With thermocouple and safety valve.
Approved and certified in accordance with Directive 90/396/EEC on gas appliances and the UNE en 407 standard.