Professional burners - Butane

Professional burners


Professional paellero burners, for use with butane gas, propane. Indicated for indoor use. With built-in safety valve and thermocouples in each of its rings. Side fire exit to avoid obstructions.
Approved and certified according to Directive 90/396 / EEC on gas appliances and the UNE Standard in 407.

Check that all ducts work correctly. Make sure that the tires are in good condition before use. It is advisable to look at the expiration date of the tires before using them.

This product has been created to be used with butane and propane gas. During use, all parts of the product will be hot. Please protect yourself and never use the burner without supervision of an adult and responsible person. Keep out of reach of children. Always use outdoors.

Once you have finished using your burner, clean it thoroughly with a damp cloth, with special emphasis on the holes. Do not immerse in water. Store with the key facing up to prevent grease buildup. If you notice that the gas comes out with less intensity than desired, it may be because the pipes are clogged. In this case, contact the manufacturer to see the problem.

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Model Packaging Ø cm Hoops
Gas Butano/Propano
B-350 P 1 35 50 2
B-400 P 1 42 60 2
B-530 P 1 54 70 3
B-640 P 1 65 90 3

Quemadores Gama Industrial

Quemadores paelleros industriales, para su uso con gas butano, propano y gas natural. Con Termopar y válvula de seguridad.
Homologados y certificados según la Directiva 90/396/CEE relativa a los aparatos de gas y la Norma UNE en 407.